Warpwise QV

With endless data streams originating from various sources, it is valuable information to know which stream has which quality. What processes were used to gather the data? Which persons were involved? What software was used? What source does the data come from? These kinds of questions can help you assess the quality of a data stream and the processing required to handle the data.

Knowing what software was used is only useful if there are various options, with different impact on the quality (e.g. data coming from software A is better quality than data from software B). The same goes for the other characteristics like processes, persons, sources, etc.

But how do you keep track of all the important characteristics of data? And how do you distinguish between good and bad for any one characteristic? And what if what once used to be qualitatively good turns bad?

That’s where Warpwise QV is of help. Warpwise QV is a state of the art Quality Valuation tool where you can manage the characteristics (e.g. process), scale (e.g. 0-5 stars) and individual quality score (eg. 4 stars) of any quality claim that comes with the received data.

Warpwise QV supports any kind of identifier, any kind of characteristic and any scale. A new data stream or a changed quality valuation is easily added with the included QV-client, its web based user interface. As manual maintenance might become tedious, we are releasing an API shortly for integration with your other systems.

With its high performance it will deliver your data stream on the endpoint of your choice, taking into account the current quality characteristics of the stream.

Available on:

  • Linux (local)
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure